I am a big fan of GitHub, more software can be found here.

ESL-CN star this repofork this repo

  • A translation project, from English to Chinese.
  • ESL is the book called The Elements of Statistical Learning.
  • Aim to learn the theory of statistical learning.
  • Besides, try to implement the algorithms in R or python, or Julia.

SinaSpider star this repofork this repo

  • A python project.
  • Aim to get the weibo user, particularly the company account, data from sina
  • Analyze these data.

LaTeXTables.jl star this repofork this repo

  • A Julia package that coverts (complex) tables into LaTeX code.


  • An R package for fitting repeated linear regressions.
  • Partial result for detecting epistatis when I am in Ming Chen’s Bioinformatics Group from 2017.07.22 to 2018.06.30.


  • Setup the GNU Scientific Library (GSL) environment for Windows.


  • TeX template for Bachelor’s thesis of Zhejiang University.